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Writing for a Living

Throughout my 23 year legal career, I have been immersed in the law: reading it and condensing it for others..

Of all the forms of legal writing, appellate factums are my favourite.  There is an art to working with the restrictions of a record that is set and standards of review that limit jurisdiction.  I thrive in that sphere: finding the hook within the law and the meat within the facts to craft an argument that sticks.  

Easy to Book

Getting Creative

Judges consistently state that they crave written arguments that are concise and lucid: writing that makes the reading easy!  I love the challenge of trying to simplify (but never oversimplify!) and present the argument in the most attractive way possible.  

For example, here is a graphic I created to quickly illustrate the circularity of complex technical regulations:

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 5.23.54 PM.png
First factum...
also first win!

Hooked From the Start

I'll never forget the thrill of winning that first appeal!  I wrote the factum as a student at the Department of Justice between my second and third year of law school and received news of the win mid-way through my third year.  

Since then, I have had the chance to work with many judges and many more lawyers, and I have constantly sought to improve my skills.  I consider it the greatest achievement to have my argument form the the basis of the reasons for judgment, and it is what I strive for every time.  

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