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  • Too busy to sit down and hammer out your factum?

  • Intimidated by unfamiliar Court of Appeal requirements?

  • Looking for a fresh perspective on the facts and issues?   

I can ghostwrite your factum after consulting with you to determine the best approach.

  • Wondering whether your client has any chance on appeal?

  • Unsure about how standards of review are likely to be applied?

  • Looking for a fresh perspective after  your trial or application?

I can review the record below and provide an opinion on issues and chances of success on appeal.


  • New to appeals or out of practice?

  • Worried about how to deal with tricky issues?

  • Isolated in your office and looking for fresh eyes on your arguments?

I can review the factums to prepare and then set up a practice run where I act like a judge, raising concerns and testing your oral arguments.

  • Facing a tough issue and seeking some clarity?

  • Looking for a fresh perspective or strategic advice from a lawyer who will work with you?

  • Considering applying for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada?

I do not restrict my work to appeals, and I'm happy to assist with any legal issues you might have.

All services are provided by Ellen Vandergrift, former appeal court clerk, and a legal researcher and writer with over 20 years experience in several jurisdictions.  


For more information about Ellen's background and experience, click here.


To view a selection of appeals on which Ellen assisted, click here.  

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